Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Windy May

Today Jack is 10 months old. We took some pictures, but it's very windy out today. Jack enjoyed himself, but was entirely too serious. Not a smile in the bunch. Carlie, on the other hand, was singing and dancing in the wind.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bit of Wisdom

Beware of activities that require new clothes.
– Henry David Thoreau

I've run across this quote a few times of the past months and I find more meaning and wisdom in it every time I read it. On the surface it makes you chuckle and maybe even think a little. But dig a little deeper and you find the wisdom. What activities require new clothes? A party? Reunion? Award/recognition ceremony? Why don't your 'old' clothes suffice? What makes us feel that we need to portray and cleaner, more polished appearance? Is it really necessary?

Consumerism (or Affluenza) is a disease running rampant in our American society. The 'need' or desire to work more to make more money to buy more stuff. When that 'stuff' doesn't fulfill us, we toss it to the side and buy more 'stuff'. Families are in debt, losing their homes, the environment all but destroyed. And, for what? All for more 'stuff'.

The pursuit of 'stuff' can be unending. What will make people feel fulfilled? Jesus. Seriously. All the searching and looking and wanting is us looking for God. He is the only one that can make us whole. The space people are trying to fill can only be filled by God. The time and energy wasted on working for material goods can be put to better use serving the Lord.

And another good thing, serving the Lord and coming to Him doesn't require new clothes.