Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jedi Jack and the Invasion of the Garbage Men

Just to show you what life is like with an imaginative 3 yr old boy, here is a snippet from today:

I came out the bathroom this morning to find Jack holding a pumpkin carving
"Uh... whatcha doing Jack?"
"I sorry Mom. I gotta kid knife." (that's what he calls the pumpkin knives because they aren't sharp and the kids are allowed to use them under adult supervision)
"Um. Why?" I ask as I gently grab the knife away from his chubby
"I heard a man voice," he replied.

Jack goes on to explain to me that he heard someone outside (probably
the garbage men since it's pick up day) and wanted to protect himself. Really? Couldn't he just knock on the door and tell me he heard something or go to his sister Carlie who was watching tv in the other room? He thought he was going to defend the household against the invasion of garbage men with a pumpkin knife? Jedi Jack, indeed. The boy has a lot of confindence, I'll give you that...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Counting Stars

We watched Andrew Peterson's streaming concert of 'Counting Stars' last night. Now, I've been a fan of his since the beginning so it's no surprise that I love this album and was more than happy to snuggle up in my pjs to watch a concert over the computer. It's been a few years since we have been able to see him live and I was not about to miss the chance!

I'm not an eloquent or gifted writer. I don't give moving album or movie reviews. I don't find it easy to come up with the right words, invoke the right emotion. And this new AP album simply leaves me tongue-tied. The songs beautiful and well-writed, as always. But it's more than that. There is something deeper and more soul-stirring here. (I knew I was in for it when the song snippets on itunes brought me to tears...)

Peterson isn't afraid (or, if he is it doesn't show) to delve into difficult aspects of relationship. Whether it's the relationship between husband and wife, with our children, between generations, or with our God - Peterson covers it. And it isn't all puppies and rainbows. The beauty is in the struggles and in the everyday moments. It's in the redemption from the brink. If things were easy, they wouldn't be worthwhile. (I wanted to choose a verse from 'Dancing in the Minefields', but it was too hard to choose just one. So I included the video.)
God's peace, grace and love surpasses all. The Lord and those aspects of his very being are greater than anything we could ever do or not do. God extended His love and grace to us in the form of His son, Jesus Christ, before we ever decided to accept Him and love him back. And He'll go on to love us forever because it's who He is, not something He does. God's love is not dependent on what we do. Or the strength of our faith in Him. (thankfully!) Enjoy the video and then the purchase the album at the (and you can read a real review there, as well as other great writings.) :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Market Day

This poor blog, so sad and neglected. I think of things to write almost every day, but real life gets in the way of the actual sitting and typing. Oh well, my avid reader(s) must be so disappointed (sorry, Mom!). So here is an honest to goodness blog update/entry for you.

Yesterday was our first day this summer working at one of the local farmers markets. The Davison Market has wonderful small town, homey atmosphere. Live music (with a bit of comedy, although I'm never certain if it's on purpose), hotdogs/brats for sale, a massage station(!) - I have gotto get over to that sometime this season, pie by the slice, your regular produce stands, organic farmers, me - your natural homemade soap girl, soy candles, wood working, meat sellers, the salsa and apple sauce lady and much more!!! They have other live entertain throughout the summer and crafts for the children. It's a well attended market and the patrons are enthusiastic and supportive. I'm so so proud to be a part of their market this year. It's been a few years since they've had any soapmakers out there so, people have been really kind. I had a wonderful and encouraging first day out.

A number of friends came out to visit, chat, shop and show their love and support to me and my mom, Lynda. She's an endless source of help and hardwork. She works every market and show, helping me set up and tear down, sell, wrangle kids. She's my co-worker and partner in crime. I couldn't do it without her. (Maybe someday I can afford to pay her!) I'm so blessed.

My friend Lyn coach a girls softball team this spring. As the coach, she was responsible for finding her own team sponsor - well, I jumped a the chance! I've known Lyn and her girls for years and grew up in the community where they play. The chance to participate and give back was just to great. I couldn't pass it up! The 10, 11, and 12 yr old girls were pretty excited to be a girly handmade soap team with a flowery logo instead of being sponsored by a barber shop or insurance company. :) Lyn and the girls had a great season and lot of fun. I'm really proud of them. She surprised me by coming out to the market yesterday and bringing a 'Thank you!' plaque with the team picture!!! I was stunned. You see them in offices, but I never thought about getting one. I sat in on my table all day and had a got a few questions and comments throughout the day. It was nice. :)

I had the opportunity to further my acquaintance with a local organic grower and his wife. I was fortunate enough to meet them at another event earlier in the spring at their church. As the farmer's wife, Deborah, and I were discussing what we had read about growing lavender from seed...interesting, I know!... another woman approached my table and seemed amused. My mom spoke with her and she bought some Man Soap. Then we found out that she owns a local (very very local and nearby!) herb business! The name of the business - Hilltop Barn. hahahaha! Too, funny. I'm Hilltop Soaps. :) That's why she was so amused. Well... she grows herbs, gives lectures and herb walks, teaches about wild edibles and how to make herbal oils and tinctures, etc. Needless to say I'll be giving her a call and taking a few classes. I've meet a few amazing women over the past few days and look forward to leraning from them.

Maybe next week I'll remember to take the camera so I can get so pictures. (after I've charged the batteries)...