Thursday, April 28, 2011


Wet...dreary...gray...blustery...weepy...icky sorta day.  It's spring, but I don't much the like the kind of spring we're having.  I'm moody, emotional, hormonal, upset easily... (I'm feeling quite pregnant, obviously).  I've been yelling at the children all too frequently and then breaking down and being all weepy because I feel like a bad mom.  Perhaps if the weather would change, my mood might follow. Perhaps.  I struggled with some postpartum depression after Jack was born.  (not that I told anyone but Bruce)  I desperately want to avoid that this time around.

Migraines, back ache, and other pregnancy troubles abound.  At my last appointment was told to rest and take it easy... not exactly bed rest... but seriously limited if I wanted the pregnancy to go okay.  I'm bored so I constantly over do it and then feel worse.  I am no longer allow to pick up the kids (at 40 lbs apiece I can see why) but it's difficult to not want to scoop up a teary 3 yr old.  :(  With all the physical troubles (and I know it could be worse) I feel betrayed by my body...physical, emotional... everything. Unable to do 'normal' things.

My ultrasound is in less than a week.  Praying all is well with the baby and she/he is cooperative so we can find out if we're having another boy or another girl.  Then we just have to come up with a name.  We haven't come up with anything... at this point I'm hoping for some divine inspiration.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello Again!

I actually think about this blog all the time.  Most days I even think of something wonderful I want to blog about. And then something will come along and distract me.  Laundry, helping with homework, making dinner, a migraine, sitting and reading someone else's blog...   You see what I mean.  I have the best of intentions, really.  :)

The last post was shortly after I found out I am pregnant.  Sheesh.  I'm 16 weeks pregnant now!  It certainly is going by quickly.  I had a lot of morning sickness (and the flu, which really didn't help) in the beginning.  I was lucky if I could make it through a day without being sick or taking a nap.  I didn't have any morning sickness - at all!- with Carlie or Jack.  This took me completely by surprise!  I've been having near-daily migraines or headaches, too.  Not fun.  It can get pretty difficult to function and lead a normal life.  I'm trying not to complain and just cope with the pain.

Okay, no more complaints or excuses... on to the real blog post!  :)

 Mom-daughter Day!
Carlie and I had a wonderful weekend.  We set aside a few hours Saturday just for us girls.  We spent all our time here in town.  Lunch across the road at a sweet little family-style restaurant where we laughed and took pictures of each other.  Then we went to the resale boutique in the same plaza to search out some treasures.  We found a cute sundress for Carlie, a maternity tank top for me (in a beautiful blue!) and dress for her babydoll.  We spent $6.  Not bad!  At home we painted our fingernails (I think I do this 2 times a year...maybe).  Carlie picked out blue for me to cover up the nasty bruise under my thumbnail from when I slammed by thumb in the car door last week.  After a batch of our from-scratch brownies, our day was complete!
My Carlie-girl!  I cannot believe she's 7 and so grown up.  (she turned 7 last month.  I didn't blog about that either...)
Me - 4 months pregnant and looking tired.  I'm wearing a dress because she insisted we dress up for our afternoon.

We made these adorable little birds Sunday.  Carlie had a lot of fun learning to sew!

You can find the tutorial for the little birdies here.  While you are there, check out Em's classes and etsy page (if it's not open right now, it will be soon).

I'm pretty sure I'll actually blog again soon because my ultrasound is in 2 weeks!  Hoping the baby cooperates so we can find out if we're having another boy or girl!!!  :)