Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks to the Lord of All.  All He has given us.  These 3 amazing, crazy, beautiful children.  Their bright eyes, kind hearts, dirty hands, loud voices, and all.  Our safe home.  Warm with the wood stove, cozy with lamps and warm blankets, inviting with smells of home-cooked meals, and lived-in with it's familiar clutter.  My husband; who is more than my best friend and partner.  Who's hand fits perfectly with mine.

Sun shining during a Michigan November.

 Prayers and love and support during trying times.  Modern medicine and hospitals.  My father, always my biggest fan, biggest supporter, and strongest person I know.  My turn to be strong when he cannot be, sit with him through chemo - cancer - and uncertain times.  Hugs from friends nearby emails and texts from those for away.  Family who the Lord chose for us and friends who are like family.  Community.

A Savior.  Him, whose love shines all the brighter when the darker moments of life threaten to overwhelm us.  His grace... extending, circling, giving peace in all circumstances.  Being the rock when life seems so precarious.

Happy Thanksgiving