Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My almost-brother-in-law (he's really my SIL fiance') came over Sunday after church to till our garden.  He increased the size for me and it's nearly double what it had been in previous years.  There it is.  Fresh dirt, green grass around, our little maple tree that grew up in the middle.  You can see our woods out back behind the garden.  (the woods have become the children's favorite new place to play.  they're finding the magic in creation)  The front right corner (that you cannot see) is my little herb garden.

So... as I sit in the house on this windy day with my sore throat and full sinuses ... I dream.  Of my hands in the dirt.  Rows and rows of tomatoes and peppers, popcorn and sunflowers, cukes and onions, potatoes, carrots, and garlic...mmmmmm.  The children chasing the chickens and the dog chasing the children.  Sunshine and laughter in the air.


I cannot do everything.  :)  (surprise!)  To me, an important thing about homeschooling is taking an honest look at myself, my skills, and my abilities; knowing where I fall short and supplementing the kids' education in those areas.  I'm not an artist.  I like to take part in crafty endeavors.  I'm on pinterest.  (isn't everyone?!)  But even after all that, I'm not an artist.  Knowing that, I decided to enroll Carlie in art at the local museum where they offer classes once a week for homeschoolers.  She was nervous for me to leave her... but she was incredible!  They learned all about tapestries and started to learn the basics of weaving.  (since embroidery is her favorite craft at home, this was perfect for her!!)  She left the class all smiles.  And she made a friend.  Even better.  Now we're all looking forward to next week.  :)  (and this momma can breathe a little easier next time knowing carlie is okay going off by herself to class for few hours)  

This handsome guy keeps me company while Carlie is in class.  It's he great!?  Such a personality on this kid.  :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Going up

Over the past two weeks we've been putting up the playscape for the kids.  It was given to us a few years back, but life happened and we never had a chance to get it up.  But, God's timing is perfect.  The kids are the perfect age to enjoy it now!  I admit, the playscape is huge and as the mom... it scares me a bit to see my little folks scampering all over it.  But, once it's all assembled it'll be safe for everyone.  (and maybe I'll breathe a easier!)

Jack helping out.  :)

Bruce working hard.

Carlie on the slide.  (the 'scared face' was just for effect.  she's my little actress.)  :)

Scampering about.

My little helper chewing on my camera strap.  :)  (notice her white-blonde hair?!?!)

Friday, April 13, 2012


The little sugar plum is 6 months old already!  Already!  Where did 1/2 a year go???  She went from this teeny sleepy thing to this noisy girl with grabby hands and a great big smile.  (grabbing hair, spoons, toys, etc)

So busy.  Began homeschooling the oldest in January.  It's an adjustment... but so wonderful.  Carlie went from being anxious, crying each day, hating school back to our happy and cheerful girl.  Big blessings.  The public school was far behind, so we're playing catch up.  Even doing school a few hours a day, most days of the week we are doing more than she ever did in 7 hrs a day in a classroom.  (the benefits of not having 30 kids in a room and spending 1/2 the day waiting in line)  The boy will finish up pre-school and then do kindergarten at home.  They only offer full day kdg next year and I don't think that's the way to go (not for him). 

Some days I feel so on top of things...other days I feel like I'm hardly staying afloat.  That's normal, right?!  I accomplished more before 8 am today than I do on most days.  I'm trying not to squander the rest of the day on the internet or with my nose in a book.  My big goal for the afternoon:  fix the chicken coop.  There are some holes under the fence (those hens love to dig!) and it won't be safe for the new baby chicks we bought.  Carlie and Jack's goal for the afternoon:  walk to the store across the road and buy donuts!  Ha!  I'm pretty sure we can manage that...

Speaking of donuts... here is a 6 months post-baby picture of me.  My lovely sis-in-law knitted the cowl for me.