Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The last few months

The past few months have been a bit crazy.

The House
We bought our new home on the last day of April and moved in for Jack's first birthday. Our builder was a no-show for the first 10 weeks (!!!) and is finally finished. Our new home is an old farm house in a (very) small town. (population is less than 400) We planted a large but managable garden. Remodeled the kitchen, bath, living room, master bedroom. Updated plumbing and electrical. It's a perfect fit for us and feels like home. The problem is that we haven't been able to sell our previous home. It's been on the market for over a year and we finally have some serious interest.

The Family
Sick kids. Upcoming surgery. Jack's first birthday. The transition to a new home. Physical therapy. Unemployment and Well problems for my folks. High electric and grocery bills for everyone. Two broken lawn mowers. A leaky washing machine.

The Cars
It started with my mom's Ford. Before school got out for the summer it was making some serious noises in the back end. Come to find out it has been a time consuming job (and would have been very costly if taken to a mechanic). Parts and tools and time are scarce. It's slowly coming together.

Ah, the Festiva. Bruce loves the car and it's incredible gas mileage. (let's admit - 44 mgp is darn near miraculous). This past week it has had 2 flat tires and a broken windshield. Earlier in the summer it had some major brake problems.

Good Things
Living each day in our new home. Having helpful and caring family nearby. Sweet children. A husband I can laugh with. Buying a wood stove. Growing food in our garden. Baking. Weeding (yes, I really do enjoy this). Ceiling fans. Storytime. Reading a good book. Walking in town. Being thankful for what and who we have.