Thursday, June 28, 2007

Counting down

5 Weeks to go and I'm huge. My hands and feet are so swollen I can't wear my wedding rings and getting shoes on is a bit iffy. I have my hospital bag nearly packed, the cradle is set up and ready, Jack's little clothes are all folded and put away. And we wait.
Bruce has been finishing the walls in the kitchen (if you can see around the belly - you'll see that the drywall is mudded). We're packing things that normally sit - unused- in drawers and cupboards and selling the things that we haven't seen or used since we moved in over four years ago. With the housing market such as it is and a new baby due soon, we thought we'd try to sell our home. We found a great house in town with a giant yard, bigger rooms, and more space. That home seems to suit us and our needs a bit better than what we currently own. We'll see what happens...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And the Emmy goes to...

My amazingly talented father, Gary Ewell, works in television and is very good at what he does. My dad was nominated for 3 regional Emmy awards this year - Documentary (program), Writer (long form), and Writer (short form). He competed against some truly talented competition and won the Emmy for Writer (short form). -Whoo-hoo! Congratulations! - This award had previously been called Segment Writing and he has three of these at home. So now he as won 4 times and I think they are running out of space for the statuettes.

It was nice to dress up and go out to a fancy adult-only event (even if I was 33 weeks pregnant for the festivities). After some hours of sitting (in the car, while eatting, sitting at the impossibly small tables) I was having a lot of swelling. This happens a lot when you're pregnant in the summer. Bruce and I decided to walk to a comfy bench so I could rest a bit more comfortably for a while. Over the course of, oh - let's say 5 minutes or so, 5 women asked me if I was in labor. 5 women! And here I was, under the impression that I didn't look half bad for being so large, tired, and uncomfortable. I guess I was wrong.