Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cookies and Logic

Life at home with Carlie is vibrant, exciting, and often times - illogical. She's almost three and has a system of logic that only she can understand.

For example: Yesterday she wanted a cookie, not dinner. This was the subsequent conversation.
Carlie: Can I have this cookie?
Bruce: No.
Me: I'm making dinner. You'll be eating noodles in a minute.
Carlie (tearfully): I don't want to eat dinner. I want to eat a cookie.
Bruce (picks her up): You need to eat healthy food to grow up big and strong. You can't eat cookies all day, you would get fat. You want to be healthy.
Carlie (angry): But I want to be fat!

Um. Nope. Probably not. But I bet she did want that cookie pretty bad.

Sometimes I'm good with the preschooler logic stuff. The day before the cookie incident I scored! Dinner can be hard because Carlie is so excited Bruce is home. She dances, sings, doesn't sit down at all to eat. So....

Me (completely exasperated): Jesus gave us this food and He wants you to sit down and eat right now.
(note: I had already told her to sit and eat, but what I wanted didn't matter. But she does want to make Jesus happy. One day she asked if He could peel her apple instead of me)

Carlie (stops dancing): Did He say that Mom? Is He saying that now? Can you hear Him?
Me: Yes Carlie.
And then she sat down and ate her dinner!

I wonder what tonight will be like, but I bet it won't be boring!

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