Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On the Farm

Last week my parents, brother, and I took the kids on a trip to Grandpa Tiny's Farm in Frankenmuth. At the farm you can pet animals, learn some local history, and enjoy a guided tour while riding on a horse-drawn wagon. It's an historic farm, family run and hand plowed. They grow an assortment crops (oats, wheat, corn) and raise livestock (pigs, cows, sheep). It's the perfect place for a family outting.

Carlie loved seeing and petting the farm animals - many of which she had not seen before other than in books.

Jack is a bit young for the farm, but he made friends none the less. The horses really liked him, one went so far as to borrow Jack's blanket.

It was a blustery fall day with a bit of chill in air (don't let the sunshine in the pictures fool you). And we hope to go back again in the summer when they're working the fields and baking bread in the outdoor brick oven. Yum yum.

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