Friday, March 28, 2008

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is tomorrow night from 8pm-9pm local time - and you're invited! Haven't heard of Earth Hour? It's a world wide event created by the World Wildlife Fund to make a statement regarding climate change and energy consumption. And best of all - it's free and easy to participate: All you have to do is turn off your lights for 1 hour. (if you want to participate - sign up with Earth Hour so they can keep track of how many people take part in the event. and they have lots of tips and ideas too!)

So light a few candles, grab your family and friends. Chat, play a game, go outside, think ways to make your life a little bit greener.

The great folks at Ideal Bite say "If 10,000 households turn off 10 lights tomorrow night for just one hour, we'll avert the CO2 created by an average apartment in a whole year." Imagine what could happen if people start turning off their lights one hour a month, or one hour a week, or even one hour a day...

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