Tuesday, June 17, 2008

listing things...

Since list-making is one of my greatest, okay, one of my only skills - here it is:

1. We bought a house in town and are having lots of work done before we move in.

2. We planted a large garden - 30 ft x 55 ft.

3. It's hard to water and weed a garden when you don't actually live in the home where the garden has been planted.

4. I've been making bread, not buying it. It's the best smell in the world. Well, that and fresh basil.

5. I love freecycle. You get free stuff you need and get rid of the piles of stuff you don't. Just fabulous.

6. Jack is crawling. The first day he had enough confidence to leave the confines of the livingroom he found the compost bucket and tried to eat a banana peel. Now he looks for the bucket every day. (but i moved it...)

7. He tried to eat dog food today. ugh

8. My shoulder is better thanks to some physical therapy, so I'm back to working out. Maybe I'll finally get rid of the last bit of stubborn baby weight. Then I'll work on getting rid of the extra I gained since getting married. And then what I gained in college... ;)

9. We have a field of strawberries at our new house and I'm waiting for more to ripen so I can make jam.

10. We still have our little blue house for sale. Anyone interested!!??

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a list. It sounds like a very full life. But.....where are the pics? I love to see new pics of the family!!!!!