Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, my girl!

My girl turns 6 today. It does not quite seem possible. Bruce and I have only been married for... oh shoot! It'll be 8 years in May! Where did all this time go?? When did my sweet little peanut go from being a tiny little preemie to nearly finished with kindergarden? An animal lover, a budding vegetarian, a growing reader, music lover, she has a deep love for dresses and mudboots alike. She loves fairies and princesses and feeding our chickens and collecting rocks, herbs and wildflowers. She hates spiders but will chase down a snake. She's loving, kind, smart as a whip, brave, and funny. She still does not sleep through the night, has vivid dreams, and rarely stays in her own bed. She is still tiny as can be but do not, under any circumstances, tell her that she is short! What she lacks in sizes she more than makes up for in spunk and personality.

Happy 6th Birthday to my beautiful Carlie.

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