Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jedi Jack and the Invasion of the Garbage Men

Just to show you what life is like with an imaginative 3 yr old boy, here is a snippet from today:

I came out the bathroom this morning to find Jack holding a pumpkin carving
"Uh... whatcha doing Jack?"
"I sorry Mom. I gotta kid knife." (that's what he calls the pumpkin knives because they aren't sharp and the kids are allowed to use them under adult supervision)
"Um. Why?" I ask as I gently grab the knife away from his chubby
"I heard a man voice," he replied.

Jack goes on to explain to me that he heard someone outside (probably
the garbage men since it's pick up day) and wanted to protect himself. Really? Couldn't he just knock on the door and tell me he heard something or go to his sister Carlie who was watching tv in the other room? He thought he was going to defend the household against the invasion of garbage men with a pumpkin knife? Jedi Jack, indeed. The boy has a lot of confindence, I'll give you that...

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