Thursday, October 14, 2010


I do not know how it happened, but I am running.  It began innocently enough, taking out the stroller in the afternoons to run errands.  I thought, "This is nice, we should just go for a walk".  And then we walked further.  And further.  I bought a jogging stroller off Craigslist for $30 to replace our worn out Graco that is 6+ years old, has bald tires and far too many miles.  And then walking seemed too slow.  I began to jog.  (Perhaps it was a trot?  It was certainly no run.) 

Today we did almost 3 miles.  Almost the entire distance at a run.  Jack rides in his trendy new (used) stroller as I pound the pavement.  We share possession of the ipod.  (my ipod doesn't work anymore and we are down to one pair of earbuds in the house.  What a travesty.) 

It has been 12-13 years since I've run.  Walk?  Sure.  Yoga?  All the time.  But never ever run.  I was a distance runner in high school.  After I got married and had 2 children, my back was so bad I could hardly walk.  Between my scoliosis and loss of core strength my back was taking on more than it could handle, grinding with each and every painful step.  Some days I was unable to move off the couch, debilitated by the pain.  But no more.  Two determined years of yoga, prayer, and hard work and I am well.  Having lost 20 pounds, I feel whole again.  Thankful the Lord made our bodies capable to bend, break and heal - remaking us stronger than when we began.

And I'm off...

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Abigail Jasmine said...

Thanks for the sweet words over at my blog, and for sharing your passion to enter into the giveaway! :)

I am IN love with your blog here- You are so inspiring and I'm excited to keep coming back for more!