Monday, November 29, 2010

Little Joys

Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful and joy-filled for our family.  It's been a long year and we have much for which to be thankful.  The Lord has certainly has given us strength and blessed us each step of the way.  Multiple surgeries, job concerns, anxiety and school trouble, my migraines and trouble with prescriptions, and so much more!  But this weekend was all about joy, praise, family, and giving thanks.  (not to mention pie!)  Here are a few highlights...
Homemade cream cheese frosting on Thanksgiving (to go the pumpkin cake with chocolate chips.)

Oh, yes.  It's that good!

My niece. She's only been walking for a few weeks and I got to see her do it on Thanksgiving.

Such a beautiful November and unseasonably warm. (okay, it's still chilly. But this is Michigan!)

Everyone (including the Truman, our labradoodle) had a chance to play outside. In late November, in Michigan, without snowpants. It was amazing!

Well, kids played outside.  Bruce worked on the cars and I cleaned the chicken coop.  At least the sun was shining!

Soaking up some vitamin D and playing with their best friend.

Hubby and I managed a full 24 hours away from the kids (which never happens!).  They had a chance to spend quality time with my fabulous and generous folks.  Bruce and I were able to spend some much needed grown-up together time, dinner out, and shopping for the kids.   As much as I love my children, it was very very nice to focus on my husband for a time.  I love that man!  I know I am blessed and am truly thankful...

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