Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Me - a momma to be.  Again!
Hmmm, I look peaceful.  Content.  Sleepy?  Really, I was just wasting time while waiting for my 3 yr old to finish up in the bathroom.  :)

At home and in Wednesday night youth group we've been talking a lot about how people respond to Christ.  As a Christian, you can (and should) fully surrender.  Trust completely in Him.  Let go, lift your hands, and enjoy the ride.  Twists, turns and all; because you know the Lord is in control.  Or you can be the Christian who shuts your eyes and holds on tight, trying to be in control of your lift and never quite surrendering to Him.  Never fully trusting.  Always fighting to do things your way or questioning God's will.

We've been overwhelmed this past month.  Deaths in the family.  Illnesses.  Medical bills from the past year we thought the insurance company had covered.  Our one year old niece had some blood work completely and returned with troublesome results.  (and has more testing this week)  Bruce was in a car accident and nearly totaled his car (and praise God he was unhurt.). Although he's driving the car, we continue to invest money in repairs to make it safe and truly drivable.  Then he got a ticket for the very loud and very broken exhaust.  *sigh*  We had a blizzard last week and the weather continues to be bitterly cold and dreary.

We expect to be healthy.
We expect finances and expenses to work out.
We expect to make it to work and back safely, day in and day out.
We expect the weather to break, sooner or later.

And now I'm expecting our third child.  We are excited and trusting the Lord in the timing of it all.  Praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy.  Our children, families, and friends are thrilled.  :)  Trying so hard to be the believer who lets go, leans back and lift her hands to the Lord.  Trusting completely in His care.  Finding joy in the twists and turns that come our way.

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