Tuesday, November 08, 2011

1 month of Summer

Sweet Miss Summer Grace made her entry into the world on October 8th just minutes after midnight.  Over 40 weeks of pregnancy, 3 hours of labor, and she was here.  Finally.   

It's been an eventfully month... Jack had his first 2 field trips (which I had to miss, but his dad had the opportunity to go with him!)... the Fall Festival (walk-a-thon) at the elementary...her first days at church and youth group...the children's church trip to the zoo... Halloween... whew.  

Discovering her skin is too sensitive for disposable wipes and diapers so we started using the cloth diapers much earlier than expected.  (lots of laundry!)  Breastfeeding.  Rediscovering my love for our babyhawk baby carrier.  Remembering why I hate the infant carseats.  

The joy in watching the interaction between the older children and teeny one.  Amazing.  So much love there.  

Her name suits her personality: sweet, warm, content, easy going, sunny.  
Completely in love...

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