Monday, April 01, 2013

Fiercely pursing Jesus

Chasing, Clinging, Focusing
Pursuing Jesus this year.  Fiercely.  Passionately.  Relentlessly.  Having known Christ for over 13 years...  sometimes following at more of a distance than I care to admit.  Digging to the Word.  Praying without ceasing.  Fasting for the first time.  Growing in faith.  Keeping our eyes (hearts, minds) focused on things of Heaven.

Dropping some school lessons and replacing them with Bible lessons.  Focusing on love, character, and community.  Service.  Boldly following Christ and The Spirit wherever they lead. Being misunderstood.  Confounding family and friends with our choices.  (not unlike Jesus)

Joyously. Knowing this place is not our home.  Feeling out of place in this world... but in line with His will for us.  Feeling Him moving... knowing something is in the works. One step at a time.  Obedience is rewarded with another peek.  A bit more of His plan unveiled.  Excited to see how He wraps up and orchestrates all things.  Wanting to move with Him, work with Him, give up to Him and not stand in His way. Rather, follow The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  Knowing, trusting.  As good (and content) as we were with things... it's always better wherever He leads you.  Following the Pillar of Fire.

Praying.  Decided.  Having peace.

Big changes in store for us... one step at a time.

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