Monday, October 16, 2006

October Chill

Usually when I think of October I picture pumpkins, hayrides, and apple cider. I do not, however, think of snow. But Michigan is crazy like that sometimes. So, on Friday I took Carlie outside to play in the snow. There wasn't a lot of the white fluffy flakes - I think we got an inch and a half overall. But Carlie was thrilled. (this is the little girl who pulled her sled out in August and asked if it would snow soon!)

Here are a couple pictures of our outdoor adventure:

We live in an block house built in the late 1940's and in the winter we have a breeze in the livingroom! We usually struggle to keep that room warm. But now, Bruce and I got something that makes our house cozy. We bought an electric fireplace. The wood is pretty and the fake logs and fire look surprisingly realistic. And it puts out some serious heat. Now we can stay warm during the October snow...

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