Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sifting for the Past

Here are a few pictures from the afterschool Archaeology class my mom and I teach together. We're teaching in a real small district this month so we only have 7 kids in the class. All boys. They're smart, lots of fun, and seem to be catching on to the things we're trying to teach. We have two days where they get to dig our inauthentic Native American site. (the saturday before dig-day we were out in the 40 degree weather and strong wind digging and planting 'artifacts' such as arrowheads, corn kernels, and bones)

It's so rewarding to see the students learn and to see the excitement when they find their first few artifacts.

(for above photo: The group in square two digging out their quadrants in a hunt for artifacts)

(for above photo: A student sifting dirt witih my mom and looking for artifacts. None this time)

(Above: Carlie digging in square one with the big kids. Everyone having fun in the cold.)

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