Monday, November 13, 2006

AP online

My favorite singer/songwriter, Andrew Peterson, now has two of his albums available online for your listening pleasure. You can read the lyrics and listen to the entire album. Take a few minutes to listen.
AP's more recent (and most amazing) albums are available here:
The Far Country
Behold the Lamb of God

The Behold the Lamb of God-The True Tall Tale of the Coming of Christ cd is amazing (and has the longest title). The first time I listened to this all the way through I cried. It also changed the way I look at Christmas. Christmas is celebrated with pretty, twinkly lights and decorated trees. Sugar cookies and stockings. That may be how we celebrate - but who we celebrate is so much more important. Christmas is to celebrate the day a young girl gave birth to a baby boy in a barn. This baby is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - God come down from heaven to live among us as a man. And later to die on the cross for our sins - to reconcile us with God the Father. Listening to these songs remind me that this was God's plan from the beginning. The album tells Jesus' entire story - starting with God's people in the Old Testament longing for a savior and the Lord promising that their savior will come. So really, it's not a cd of Christmas songs - it's a record that tells the story of Jesus. And that message is worthy to be heard all year through.

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