Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Month by Month

Well, my pregnancy with Baby Jack is going well so far. Weight gain is minimal, symptoms tolerable (although the migraines and back pain are less than ideal). Baby Jack is due to arrive August 3rd. Early March we will go the ultrasound appointment and, if the baby cooperates, we will find out if Jack is a boy or a girl. It'll break Carlie's heart if Jack is a girl - she already has blue paint picked out for the bedroom!

(5 1/2 weeks - right after finding out I we are expecting baby #2)

( at 8 1/2 weeks- already growing!)

(12 weeks - getting bigger!)

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Duda Mano said...

Hey Jill, Eduardo here, from the Andrew Osenga blog...
I wanted to thank you for your little reply to me.
And also, let me tell you how wonderful your family is.
I pray that God mey bless you and yours in a wonderful way.

In Christ,

Eduardo Mano