Monday, March 12, 2007

Carlie's Birthday!

Yesterday our little girl turned three. Carlie had a party with friends and family this weekend to celebrate. She wanted Dora the Explorer plates, cake, pinata, etc. Carlie and friends played in the livingroom in the Dora Pirate Ship (the ship dwarfs the rest of the room but it's totally worth it), ate Dora cake, and opened presents (Dora toys- of course). My parents got Carlie a bike which she's very excited about. On Sunday she asked if she could ride it to church. We live 20 miles from church - so I said no, it was too far of a ride. Carlie tried to comvince me she could ride fast enough. I laughed and so she asked Bruce instead. He tried to tell her it wasn't warm enough outside- but Carlie insisted she would wear her jacket. Ugh. You can't reason with a 3 year old.
Pictures of our Birthday Girl

Carlie opening a gift before guests arrive.

Dora the Explorer everthing...

Carlie with her cake.

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