Monday, November 10, 2008

New Challenges

Okay, I must be crazy. I've signed up for 2 challenges offered by other bloggers, 'Freeze yer Buns Off' (lowering your thermostat to 65 in the day and below 60 at night) by Crunchy Chicken and 'The Competence Project' (learning new skills) by Sharon. Will I be able to knit the fingerless mittens before I get cold enough to need them? Can I learn new skills or perfect old ones while I'm bundled in and a hat and mittens indoors??? I'll let you know in the months to come!!

Controlling the temperature in the house might prove to be a bit difficult. We're heating our home with wood and I'm not very good at keeping the fire even and the temp consistent. However, one of the commitments I made in Sharon's challenge was to learn how to better manage the woodstove.

The other commitments were:

  • Knitting mittens (I tried to make mittens for Jack. The first one I made was way too narrow but now my ipod has a nice cozy wool holder for when we go out...)
  • Sewing some clothes for the kids (I made a shirt for my mom's birthday but I'm not very confident in my skills)
  • Learning enough about chickens so ours will survive upon their arrival in the spring
  • Improving upon my knowledge about what's in season, growing, and using it accordingly
  • Learning Herbal remedies and actually using them.

In the past year I learned how to make bread from scratch, grow a garden, chop wood and make soap. I've had numerous opportunites to practice patience and being a better mom and wife.

So what new skills have you learned? something you're working on? been putting off? Take time this winter to learn and grow. I'll let you know how I'm doing...

Nov 10th: day - avg 62 degrees (although it did get up to 67 for awhile before bed)

night - low of 57 degrees

right on course so far.

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