Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Great Escape

We have 6wk old hens livng in a giant bin on our kitchen table. The 5 girls are just about ready to make the move to their outdoor abode. After the last few days, I'm more than ready!

A few chicken stories :
Okay, one of the hens got out of the cage yesterday. Good thing I was standing in the kitchen and saw it. I was able to grab her while she was still on the rim of the blue box and before she flew... whew. I'm not sure who was more surprise by the whole thing - me or her! I think they're ready to sleep outside!!!

Today Jack let one of the hens out. He just lifted the top so it could fly out. Truman (our labradoodle) was right there and didn't even care. We're so blessed to have such a mild-mannered dog!

Jack informed me he is the 'birdie papa', Carlie is the mama, and I am the big mama. I'm glad he really likes the chickens, but this does nothing for my sefl-esteem.

We'll make the final adjustments to the coop in the coming days and our 5 beautiful girls will move outside.

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