Thursday, January 27, 2011


A great song from the worship during the youth retreat.  (written by Tommee Profitt)

I am under the weather.  Overwhelmed by daily migraines, head congestion and persistent cough.  Physically, I feel completely and totally beat.  Spiritually, I'm encouraged and uplifted!

Bruce and I took a handful (6) of our students on a retreat to northern Michigan over the weekend.  We had lots of crazy fun (like every year) enjoying the antics of our teens and the full joy of worshiping together.  Amazing.  The speaker was a phenomenal youth pastor out of Chattanooga, TN.  His message was right on the mark.  Hitting our kids hard, breaking their hearts and drawing them into a closer relationship with Jesus.  Amen.  Praying it'll be more than an emotional response to the evening and be a true life altering heart change!

We lovelovelove our students, our ministry, and the opportunity to disciple these teens.  I'm always in awe the Lord allows us the chance to be volunteer youth leaders.  Looking around the event, we saw friends (some youth pastors, some teens) and I began to doubt myself.  Doubt what God has called us to do.  Churches with full-time paid "real" youth pastors had soOoOo many students.  Of course they come from bigger churches.... but  I couldn't help but wonder if our students are missing out because my husband (or myself) aren't 'real' youth pastors.  So I pray.  I turn to the Lord and seek His face, thankful for His ferocious LOVE and GRACE.  Seeking Him, and praying in all we do with our students... knowing He can use us in our weakness.  And feeling blessed.


Abigail Jasmine said...

I LOVE your blog here, sistah! :)
And all that fills up your life!

I look forward to reading more!


Lots of love!

*justjill* said...

Oh, thank you! I may not always post consistently, but I try to post the important things! (when I remember...) :)