Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am still pregnant.  The doctor didn't think I would make it past Friday.  It's Tuesday and I'm still pregnant.  I'm 38 weeks... only 2 weeks til my due date.  Jack was born right at 38 weeks and he was a big guy (8 1/2 pounds).  I don't think I want our girl to get much bigger than that!  She seems to be a patient baby... calm and gentle so far (not a hyper baby in-utero)... we'll see if that continues once she truly arrives.  Because seriously, I cannot be pregnant forever.  Right?!?!?!  (although it feels that way right now)  I have another check up tomorrow, let's see how that goes.

I know how hard life will be... no sleep, constant feedings, the big kids waking the baby.  I know how great it'll be...sweet baby smell... snuggles...a precious new life.  I'm eager to stop gaining weight.  My yoga mat misses me.  It's getting chilly, my feet are cold... I need shoes (real shoes!) to fit again...and jackets that do up!  I won't miss the heartburn.  I long for the day I can keep my emotions and hormones in check!  (no more crying, less yelling.  Irritable??  Who, me!?)

Soon.  Deep breath and repeat:  I will not be pregnant forever.

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