Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I cannot do everything.  :)  (surprise!)  To me, an important thing about homeschooling is taking an honest look at myself, my skills, and my abilities; knowing where I fall short and supplementing the kids' education in those areas.  I'm not an artist.  I like to take part in crafty endeavors.  I'm on pinterest.  (isn't everyone?!)  But even after all that, I'm not an artist.  Knowing that, I decided to enroll Carlie in art at the local museum where they offer classes once a week for homeschoolers.  She was nervous for me to leave her... but she was incredible!  They learned all about tapestries and started to learn the basics of weaving.  (since embroidery is her favorite craft at home, this was perfect for her!!)  She left the class all smiles.  And she made a friend.  Even better.  Now we're all looking forward to next week.  :)  (and this momma can breathe a little easier next time knowing carlie is okay going off by herself to class for few hours)  

This handsome guy keeps me company while Carlie is in class.  It's he great!?  Such a personality on this kid.  :)

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