Friday, April 13, 2012


The little sugar plum is 6 months old already!  Already!  Where did 1/2 a year go???  She went from this teeny sleepy thing to this noisy girl with grabby hands and a great big smile.  (grabbing hair, spoons, toys, etc)

So busy.  Began homeschooling the oldest in January.  It's an adjustment... but so wonderful.  Carlie went from being anxious, crying each day, hating school back to our happy and cheerful girl.  Big blessings.  The public school was far behind, so we're playing catch up.  Even doing school a few hours a day, most days of the week we are doing more than she ever did in 7 hrs a day in a classroom.  (the benefits of not having 30 kids in a room and spending 1/2 the day waiting in line)  The boy will finish up pre-school and then do kindergarten at home.  They only offer full day kdg next year and I don't think that's the way to go (not for him). 

Some days I feel so on top of things...other days I feel like I'm hardly staying afloat.  That's normal, right?!  I accomplished more before 8 am today than I do on most days.  I'm trying not to squander the rest of the day on the internet or with my nose in a book.  My big goal for the afternoon:  fix the chicken coop.  There are some holes under the fence (those hens love to dig!) and it won't be safe for the new baby chicks we bought.  Carlie and Jack's goal for the afternoon:  walk to the store across the road and buy donuts!  Ha!  I'm pretty sure we can manage that...

Speaking of donuts... here is a 6 months post-baby picture of me.  My lovely sis-in-law knitted the cowl for me.  



Hey girl! Are you back to blogging? Miss your great posts!

You look great! And what a beauty your babe is!!

God Bless! Take care!

*justjill* said...

Thank you! I'm certainly trying to make it a regular thing. :) These three kids keep me busy, that's for sure!