Monday, December 08, 2008

Wood stove Wisdom

1. When you think you have enough wood chopped and stacked for winter - double it (at least!)

2. A 4 year old can carry and stack wood and will choose it over playing on the swing set every time.

3. A woman can chop wood too! (although her husband is much better)

4. A house temp of 62 degrees F isn't chilly. 55 degrees is another story.

5. The living room is the warmest place in the house. The bathroom is substantially colder.

6. It's smart to shower at night. (see #4 and #5 for reasons)

7. A cool house + shared blankets = an excuse to cozy up with your spouse.

8. Upstairs bedroom temperatures are best equated to those experienced by Arctic researchers.

9. But that's okay. Kids like to sleep in the living room. It's a lot like camping.

10. People are now compelled to wear the scarves, hats, and handwarmers I knit for them.

11. Kids know the stove is hot and do not touch it. Adults, however, must see for themselves.

12. When you heat with wood people either think you're crazy or they're jealous.

13. Bean soup will simmer all day and be perfect in time for dinner.

14. Humidifiers are necessary so everyone doesn't get sick.

15. On the upside of this - homemade soap cures in half the time.

16. My drying rack is my best friend. 2 loads a day will dry by the fire saving us both money and energy.

17. Long hair and an open flame are not a good combination. Ponytails are good when adding wood.

18. Burnt carpet stinks.

19. Saying, "The chimney is smoking." is not adequate.

20. One must add 'in the living room' to illicit the correct response from one's spouse.

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risa said...

1. Burnt carpet DEFINITELY stinks (it's not good for you, either -- quick! open a window!)

2. We have a flagstone pediment across the entire area where our woodstove sits. This has saved our fannies on a number of occasions.

3. Wood has been our primary heats source for 33 years. That's been about 100 cords in our case (mild winters).

4. Listmaking is fun!