Friday, June 10, 2011

Spring time love

What a productive Thursday!  I cleaned off the inside porch and scrubbed the floor.  It's enclosed and holds the washer/dryer, dog (when we aren't home), chest freezer and an assortment of junk.  After pitching the junk (bonus- it was garbage day!) and sweeping/vacuuming and scrubbing the floor with a combo of water, vinegar, and mint and eucalyptus oils the porch no longer smelled like dog!  Yay!  

I made 2 batches of jam, cleaned the kitchen and washed dishes approximately 7 times. I had time to sell 2 rag rugs to a friend and ooo-and-ahhhh over my new cloth diapers that arrived in the mail.  (seriously, they are the cutest things... one more reason I cannot wait for our darling little girl to be born)

The kids spent the day playing dress up...Carlie came up to me and said, "For Halloween, we should all dress up as princesses and princes and stuff."  She was wearing her green velvet renaissance princess dress (score!  $1 at Goodwill last year!).  And then she added, "But don't worry, you can just wear your hippie stuff and be a hippie queen."  hahaha... nice.... she knows me too well.

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