Sunday, July 31, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

This looks like lots of fun.   I found it over at Abigail's wonderful and inspiring blog, Shine On Child.  (I can't remember the 'official sponsor, but she has the link) I'm going to give it a go (against my better judgment)... and see if I can manage to keep up with it.  With only 2 months to go in my pregnancy and school starting up in just over a month, this feels like a big commitment.  (I know, I'm making excuses already...)  So, here goes Day 1:

Flattering?  Nope.  :)  Not even a little.  But it's realistic.  It's after 9 pm...I'm on the couch...I'm exhausted, tired of fighting to get the kids in bed.  The morning started very early so we could get to church for my husband to make it to Praise Team practice (we were late, as usual).  It was 90 degrees and humid today so my asthma was bothering me and I had a migraine...add that to the fact I'm feeling very pregnant (i.e.: achy, tired, grumpy, huge, etc).  By 9:00, I'm lucky if my eyes are still open.  This third trimester is kicking my butt.   :)  I'll be thankful to go to bed.  Thankful to sleep (at least a little).  And very thankful for the beginning of new week. 

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Joseph Boyle said...

I am SO excited to see your photographs! I love the life the Lord has blessed you with..and I can't wait to see your photos!

Lots of love, my friend!