Friday, July 22, 2011


Yesterday, my little boy turned 4.  I cannot believe it's been 4 years since God blessed us with this charming, amazing, funny little boy.  He has the *best* sense of humor.  He is all BOY (think, GI JOES, swords and helmets, mud, bugs, and cars).  He picks me flowers every time he goes out to play.  He's quick with a hug and a smile.  Forgives easily and has a generous heart (a heart that, sometimes, seems far too big for his little body).

Jack is the best little boy our family could ever hope for.  He brings us so much joy.

It was nearly 100 degrees out, so we celebrated indoors.  Birthday pancakes with chocolate chips for breakfast, a few gifts (his very own trash can, just like he wanted), wii bowling, cheesecake, and the last evening of VBS at church. 

I took lots of pictures of Jack... but turned out blurry.  The boy is never still!  :)


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